Your Voice at COP27 | Youth Networking event

9 September, 2022  |  Events - Past  ,  SDSN Youth   

Young people today are the most empathetic and well-educated generation to have ever lived. Yet young people constantly feel like their concerns are not being heard. This event is bringing together young people from across the Asia-Pacific to participate in a workshop to create a position statement on what they want to see done at the United Nations Climate Conference COP27!

Date: 13th of October 2022 (Part of Global Climate Change Week)

Time: 7 pm AEST | 9 pm NZST (other time zones)

Location: Virtual

Your contributions during this workshop will be collected and presented as a position statement that will be sent with SDSN Youth delegates who are attending COP27. Hence, your participation has the potential to make a real change towards better climate action.




Excited to work with you to fight for better global climate action!