Webinar: University SDG Reports: What is (current) best practice?

26 July, 2021  |  Events - Past  ,  Universities & SDGs   

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Join us for a conversation with leading global experts as they share their insights and learnings on what is best practice for reporting university contributions to the SDGs.

A growing number of universities around the world have started, or are looking into, capturing and publishing their contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in stand-alone SDG Reports, in Annual Sustainability Reports, or Voluntary University Reports. But with universities able to contribute in many different ways to the SDGs through their research, education, operations, and community leadership and engagement, and with no single global standard on university SDG reporting, many are confronting the complex tasks of defining what these reports should cover and how to collect the information.

In this webinar we are excited to bring together some of the leading experts on university SDG reports from around the world, who will share their experiences, learnings and recommendations. We hope this will help newcomers get started, and help identify and encourage more consistent good practices in SDG reporting across the sector.

Our panellists are:

This webinar is contributing to the SDSN AusNZPac Accelerating SDG Practice initiative, run in collaboration with the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS). We warmly acknowledge with many thanks the support of ACTS, SDSN Canada, SDSN USA, SDSN Northern Europe, SDSN Mediterranean, SDSN Italia, and the SDSN Secretariat in the lead up to this webinar.

Dr Renzo Mori Jr

Senior Advisor for Sustainable Development, RMIT University
Renzo Mori Jr has been working at RMIT University since 2017, having previously worked in academic and professional roles for a wide range of government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Over 15 years’ experience dedicated to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. As the Senior Advisor for sustainable development at RMIT Renzo supports the sustainability committee to ensure that the SDGs lens is applied to strategic directions and the policy landscape of the University.

Dr Julian Skyrme

Director of Social Responsibility, The University of Manchester
Julian is the founding Director of Social Responsibility at The University of Manchester in the UK. He has undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in political philosophy and educational policy. He’s also a College Governor, Charity Trustee, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, musician, cyclist, Dad, Wales and Manchester United supporter.

Dr Brian Chicksen

Advisor to the Executive: Special Projects, University of Pretoria
Brian (MB ChB (Zimb), FCP (SA) MBA (Milpark)) has a medical background as a Specialist Physician, but his work over the past 20 years has been in the strategy and sustainable development arena. In his current role, he provides support to the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Principal: Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Education, around strategic issues, and those related to sustainable development. This has included leading development of the University’s annual Sustainable Development Report.

Prof Angelo Paletta

President of the University Technical Scientific Committee for Social and Sustainability Report, The University of Bologna
Angelo Paletta is ProRector of the University of Bologna for “Budget, strategic planning and process innovation”; Head of the Department of Management; and Co-director of the Master in “Public Management and Innovation” at Bologna Business School. He has written numerous books and articles on Public Management, Educational Leadership, Governance and accountability of Universities; Circular economy and business models.

Dr Tahl Kestin

SDSN Australia, NZ & Pacific Network Manager, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University
Tahl works with universities and other organisations on initiatives to support the achievement of the SDGs in the region and globally. She led the writing of the SDSN guides Getting Started with the SDGs in Universities (2017) and Accelerating Education for the SDGs in Universities (2020), and co-led the organization of the Australian SDGs Summits in 2016 and 2018.