The Climate Crisis and Universities: Student Position Statement


Are you a student trying to create climate action at your university? Are you a staff member interested in what climate actions students want their university to achieve?


SDSN Youth AusNZPac has launched our Student Position Statement on what climate action goals and support needs university students expect from their university.


SDSN Youth AusNZPac is excited to announce our Student Position statement which university students and staff can use to guide, advance and create climate action in their institution. The statement lays out the ways in which student sustainability leaders from Australia and New Zealand want their universities to achieve specific climate action goals and provide support to student-led climate action groups.

Within the statement you will find:

  • Background information about the statement
  • List of 5 climate action goals that university students want their institution to achieve.
  • List of 5 support needs that students climate activities want from their institution.
  • List of action items for students and staff to use this statement to create action.

On this page, you will also find a DIY Workshop template and statement writing guide.


Download Statement
Or download the statement companion guide authored by AusNZPac University staff and students.

View Chinese translation here.



Goals and Support needs


📝 Goals for universities that students want achieved 

  1. Commit to building climate literacy in all of the university’s students and staff
  2. Clarity and transparency about the university’s relationships with third-parties
  3. Inclusion of indigenous voices in climate action decision making
  4. Carbon neutrality
  5. Minimising single-use plastic in campus catering facilities


🤝 How universities can support student climate action groups and projects 

  1. Providing financial grants to university clubs and advocacy groups to fund sustainability initiatives
  2. Provide avenues for student groups to get involved in national and international climate action discussions
  3. Creation of a centralised web page with the sustainability focused opportunities, clubs and education programs for students to get involved in.
  4. Climate action advocacy by universities.
  5. Creating avenues for multi-university events and communication on climate change


More detailed explanations of these support needs and goals are found on the statement



Further resources


Want to create your own position statement?

If you want to make a position statement that is specific to your university or university group, SDSN Youth AusNZPac has created this workshop template so that you can create your own!

Also have a look at this guide on how to make your own position statement that was made in collaboration with the Sustainable Universities Network (SUN). It has great tips to get you started!


If you do create your own position statement or use our work, please acknowledge SDSN Youth AusNZPac.