SDSN launches the SDG Index and Dashboards

25 July, 2016  |  Global SDSN News   

SDG Index and Dashboards, a new report from SDSN and German think tank Bertelsmann Stiftung, shows where countries stand with regards to the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The report was launched last week at the High Level Political Forum, the UN’s annual meeting on the SDGs (and the first since they were adopted).

The report uses available data for 149 countries to rank them based on their performance across the 17 SDGs goals, as well as a traffic-light chart to assess where a country stands on each of the goals.

As a network, the SDSN is deeply committed to the universal success in achieving the SDGs. The aim of this report, which will be updated regularly, is to help countries identify priorities for early actions so they can get started with implementing the SDGs.

Click here to download the report and supporting information.

The report shows that every country faces major challenges in achieving the SDGs, including Australia (at number 20) and New Zealand (at number 22). No Pacific countries have been included because of limited data availability.

For an analysis of Australia’s performance on the SDG Index see the following articles by Professor John Thwaites:

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