Getting started with the SDGs in Universities

University SDG GuideGetting started with the SDGs in universities is a guide to help universities, higher education institutions, and the academic sector in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific to accelerate their contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Guide highlights the important role universities have in implementing the SDGs through their teaching, research, operations and leadership, and provides practical guidance and examples to inspire further action. Published in 2017, the Guide is an initiative of SDSN Australia/Pacific in collaboration with the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), the global SDSN, and Australian and New Zealand universities.

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  • Chinese summary (中文). Prepared by Professor Zheng Yi (Institute for Sustainable Development Goals of Tsinghua University – TUSDG)
  • Italian translation (italiana). The Italian edition was made possible thanks to the collaboration of: Laura Cavalli (Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation, SDSN Italy Manager), Stefania Toraldo (Santa Chiara Lab – University of Siena, SDSN Italy Manager) and other collaborators.
  • Japanese translation (日本語). Translated by Professor Mitsunobu R. Kano (Okayama University and Science Council of Japan); Editorial Supervision by SDSN Japan / Professor Norichika Kanie (Keio University and SDSN Japan)
  • Korean translation (한국어). Translated by Korea University Social Service Organization under the leadership of Hwajeong Seak, 고려대학교 사회봉사단 (KUSSO)
  • Portuguese translation (português). Translated by Ana Cláudia Medeiros, Ricardo Augusto Kong Ormeno, Macarena Mairata, and Thais Megid Pinto (SDSN-Amazônia)
  • Russian translation (Русский). Translation by MGIMO Goes Green environmental club: Ilya Milgizin, Valeriy Rozhkov, Ekaterina Novikova, Anastasia Zakharova, Sofia Denisova, Ekaterina Vasilenko, Daria Ushakova, Maria Zyulyaeva, Dina Gainullina, Dmitry Khaliullin; translation coordinator – Ekaterina Novikova; editors – Tatiana Lanshina (SDSN Youth Russia, RANEPA) and Vera Barinova (SDSN Russia manager, RANEPA); design and formatting: Dmitry Stoyanov (Russian Presidential academy of national economy and public administration, RANEPA)
  • Spanish translation (español). Translated by: Elena Pérez Lagüela y José Luis de la Cruz (ASYPS); Alexis Velo y Silvia Arias Careaga (Oficina de Acción Solidaria y Cooperación, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid); Cristina Bernis (Asociación para el Estudio de la Ecología Humana, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid); Montserrat Cabré Pairet, Josefina Fernández Martínez y Eva Pelayo Sañudo (Área de Igualdad, Conciliación y Responsabilidad Social, Universidad de Cantabria); Olatz Ukar Arrien y Miguel Ruiz (Área de medio ambiente, Responsabilidad Social, Universidad de Deusto);Javier Agustí; Dorothea Strüber (SDSN) y Marta García Haro (SDSN Spain).

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