Member discussion: SDG reporting in Higher Education

19 April, 2023  |  Events - Past  ,  Universities & SDGs   

Members of SDSN AusNZPac and ACTS are invited to a discussion forum on 16 May examining best practice & emerging trends in higher education SDG reporting in our region.

For a variety of reasons, many higher education institutions in the region are now preparing regular reports on their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, as this is a new type of report that can cover many different types of information, and without clear external standards or guidelines on how to do this, each institution is developing its own approach to what information to report and how to collect it. The aim of this discussion session is to share the approaches different HEIs in our region are using for their SDG reporting, to identify best practice, and to discuss issues and challenges they have been encountering.

The session will not be recorded.

The Accelerating SDG Practice Initiative aims to support our member organisations to strengthen their internal engagement with the SDGs. Through member discussion forums, webinars, and the occasional longer workshop, we aim to share practices and learnings across our institutions, and discuss and brainstorm how to address challenges and expand action. We also look for opportunities to share learnings with the broader community.