Interim Deep Decarbonisation Pathways report presented to UN Secretary-General

SDSN has today presented the interim report of SDSN’s Deep Decarbonisation Pathways Project (DDPP) to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, in support of the upcoming UN Climate Summit on 23 September 2014. The report shows how the major emitting countries can cut their carbon emissions by mid-century in order to prevent dangerous climate change. Further details and a copy of the interim report can be downloaded here. The full DDPP report will be presented in late 2015.

The report was produced cooperatively by leading research institutes in 15 countries. SDSN Australia/Pacific members ClimateWorks Australia and the Australian National University provided the Australian contribution through their joint research project, How Australia can thrive in a low carbon world: pathways to prosperity in 2050. A comprehensive Australian report on Australia’s pathway to a low carbon economy by 2050 will be released in Melbourne in mid-September 2014. Further information on Australia’s contribution can be found here.