Indonesia-Australia collaboration on commercial building energy use ffi

17 October, 2015  |  Decarbonisation Pathways  ,  Events - Past  ,  Global SDSN News  ,  SDG Localisation   

A project led by ClimateWorks Australia, in partnership with the Institute of Technology Bandung, the Green Building Council of Indonesia, the Jakarta Property Institute, and SDSN Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Australia/Pacific, is looking at how energy efficiency in commercial buildings across Australia and Indonesia could be improved.

The project is aiming to address the priorty for energy efficient building codes that was identified by the SDSN regional workshop Partnership for Solutions: Priorities and pathways for sustainable energy and deep decarbonization in Indonesia, which took place in Jakarta in November 2014.

As part of the project, a collaborative workshop in Jakarta on 6 October 2015 identified six ideas for delivering real improvements in the energy performance of buildings in Indonesia:

  1. Analysis of options for finance mechanisms for energy efficiency in Indonesia
  2. Development of a new energy efficiency benchmark for Indonesia
  3. Development of a standard competence for building professionals in energy efficiency
  4. Establishment of periodic retro-commissioning and reporting of the energy performance of existing buildings
  5. Creation of an international forum for sharing best practice in code development, implementation and enforcement (starting with Australia and Indonesia)
  6. Development and communication of a strong business case for high energy performance buildings, tailored for each stakeholder

These ideas are currently being developed.

For full information on the project and the outcomes of the workshop, please got to the ClimateWorks Australia website.