How can we make our climate campaigns better? | AusNZPac Youth SDG Dialogue

29 March, 2022  |  Events - Past  ,  Global SDSN News  ,  SDSN Youth   

Many young people are frustrated that their climate campaigns are not working as they’d hoped. However, whether it is stubborn politicians,  misinformed people or a lack of online engagement, there is no issue that young people can’t solve!

SDSN Youth AusNZPac brought together climate activists from across the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific region. Each posed a problem that their campaign was facing and the young people who attended the workshop came up with solutions! SDSN Youth AusNZPac then collated these solutions and made a report called How can we make out climate campaigns better

Read our report on improving climate campaigns here. 

This event was a part of SDSN Youth Asia-Pacific’s SDG Dialogue series. This was the fourth installment with previous Asian networks hosting events discussing other aspects of the SDGs and what their region is doing to promote sustainable development.