Event: Accelerating SDG Practice Forum 2 – Reflections on the THE Impact Rankings

30 April, 2019  |  Events - Past  ,  Universities & SDGs   

Date: Tuesday, 21 May 2019
Time: 1–2:30 pm AEST [other time zones in the region]
To join: The forum is open to staff at SDSN AusNZPac or ACTS member institutions who have been involved in assessing or preparing a submission to the inaugural THE Impact Rankings for their institution and are closely familiar with the rankings’ methodology. Please submit an EOI via this form: https://forms.gle/SuMGeShqFbaMRaTs9 by 15 May 2019.*

SDSN AusNZPac and ACTS are pleased to invite their members to the second online discussion forum in the Accelerating SDG Practice series.

The new Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, which were launched in September 2018, aim to “measure global universities’ success in delivering the SDGs”. More than 450 universities from 76 countries decided to participate in the inaugural 2019 rankings, including many ACTS and SDSN AusNZPac members.

In our community of practitioners and institutions committed to increasing university engagement with and action on the SDGs, the THE Impact Rankings elicited both excitement about their potential to advance our cause, as well as concerns about whether their methodology appropriately captures universities’ contribution to the SDGs and how this might influence future SDG action by universities.

The aim of this forum is to share insights and reflections from people who were actively involved in their institution’s response to the Rankings (whether they submitted or not) about the Rankings’ current methodology in relation to the SDGs. In particular we will try to answer: What aspects of the methodology are useful in encouraging universities to increase their contribution to the SDGs? What aspects are not useful, and need to change? What key aspects of SDG action are missing and should be included? We will also discuss how best to capture these reflections to provide feedback to THE.

* We aim to include as many active participants in this discussion as possible. However, as this forum will take place via videoconference, we may need to structure the discussion in particular ways, cap the number of participants, or ask participants to provide materials or do preparation ahead of time. If you are interested in participating we invite you to submit an Expression of Interest, and we will get back to you soon about next steps.



If you have any questions about the Accelerating SDG Practice forum series, contact Tahl Kestin at SDSN AusNZPac (tahl.kestin@monash.edu) or Rhiannon Boyd at ACTS (r.boyd@acts.asn.au)