Call for case studies: SDG learning and teaching in universities

Building on SDSN Australia, NZ & Pacific’s guide, Getting Started with the SDGs in Universities, global SDSN is developing a more in-depth guide on how universities and higher education institutions can support the uptake and implementation of the SDGs through their learning and teaching activities.

To support the new learning and teaching guide, SDSN is inviting universities and higher education institutions from all parts of the world to submit case studies on SDG-related activities they are undertaking. The aim is to capture and showcase a diverse range of innovative, impactful, and replicable university SDG implementation practices that can inspire and assist other universities to take action.

The case studies can include examples of:

  • Embedding SDG-related knowledge and skills/competencies in the curriculum or formal learning & teaching activities
  • Mobilizing students on the SDGs
  • Educating the community on the SDGs
  • Embedding SDGs in university strategies, policies, operations and reports
  • Transforming the Higher Education System
  • Promoting uptake of SDGs in learning & teaching in the broader higher education sector

The deadline for submissions is Friday 12 April 2019.


See the call website for full details.