Asia-Pacific Youth Priorities for COP27

30 October, 2022  |  SDSN Youth   

Young people today are the most empathetic and well-educated generation to have ever lived. Yet young people constantly feel like their concerns are not being heard. 

SDSN Youth networks from the Asia-Pacific region organised a workshop to bring together youth voices from across the region to the table, and compile a list of youth priorities that could be brought forward at COP27.

The workshop saw participation from youth from 13 countries from the region, who worked in groups to create lists of their top six, climate action priorities. (see below for an example). The most common priorities included; Centralising marginalised voices, climate education, immediate decarbonisation, global north/south equality, water management, plastic and waste reduction, intra-regional collaboration, and corporate regulation. This statement outlines these priorities that the youth of the region identified as the most important.

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Read Asia-Pacific Youth Priorities for COP27 here.