A global launch for SDSN-Youth

16 June, 2015  |  Events - Past  ,  Global SDSN News  ,  SDSN Youth   

SDSN Australia/Pacific’s regional initiative, SDSN-Youth, has been launched as a global SDSN initiative at a public event in Paris on 5 June. Monash University student, Sam Siamak Loni, has been appointed as SDSN-Y’s first Global Coordinator.

The launch event featured addresses from eminent leaders in sustainable development, including: Tarja Halonen, Former President of Finland; Johan Rockström, Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre; Jeffrey Sachs, SDSN Director; and Laurence Tubiana, Special Representative for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference and French Ambassador for Climate Change.

SDSN-Y’s mission is to empower youth globally to create sustainable development solutions. It will work to amplify the tremendous energy and capabilities of youth in generating broader buy-in for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by mobilising resources and building capacity to empower action. In particular it will:

  1. Educate young people about the SDGs and encourage them to prioritise their implementation.
  2. Integrate concerns and views of young people into the pathways for achieving the SDGs.
  3. Provide a platform for young people from different communities to connect and share ideas and experiences that address the challenges of sustainable development.
  4. Initiate and support projects that are aimed towards achieving the SDGs.

To get involved, go to the SDSN-Youth website or join the conversation at @SDSNYouth.