2018 SDG Index and Dashboard released

The 2018 SDG Index and Dashboards Report “Global Responsibilities – Implementing the Goals,” prepared by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and SDSN, is available now at www.sdgindex.org.

This is the third edition of the annual stocktaking of progress towards the SDGs. Updates this year include:

  • Updates to methodology and inclusion of new indicators
  • Profile pages for all 193 countries that have signed up to the SDGs
  • An updated assessment of “spillover” effects, which refer to actions taken in one country that undermine other countries’ abilities to achieve the SDGs (eg, reducing foreign aid, exporting coal…)
  • An assessment of actions and policies undertaken by G20 governments to implement the SDGs
  • An assessment of trends in many indicators

Access the report, supporting materials, and interactive graphics

Regional performance on the SDG Index

Australia came in at 37th this year, a significant drop from 26th in 2017 and 20th in 2016. New Zealand, on the other hand, climbed to 17th place, up from 20th in 2017 and 22nd in 2016. As in previous years, Pacific Islands countries have not been assigned an SDG Index value, because of lack of data. However, for the first time this year, the report includes partial country profiles for these countries, based on what data is available.

To find out more about regional performance, see: