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Outcomes Report: National Youth Summit on the SDGs (2016)

Outcomes Report: Australian SDGs Summit: On the Road to Implementation (2016)

Forum Summary Report: The SDGs in the Asia-Pacific: A shared agenda for action (2016)

Workshop report: The role of knowledge institutions in implementing the SDGs in the Pacific (2016)

Workshop report: The business of sustainable development (2015)

Workshop report: What sustainable development goals should Australia aim for (2014)

Report: Sustainable development goals and targets for Australia: An interim proposal (2014)

Workshop report: What sustainable development goals should Australia aim for (2013)


Australia ranks 20th on progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (2016)

Australia can do much better than a rank of 20 on sustainable development goals (2016)

Explainer: the world’s new sustainable development goals (2015)

Sustainable Development Goals: a win win for Australia (2015)

Will 2015 be the year the world agrees how to live sustainably? (2014)

Event recordings

Webinar: Mapping university contributions to the SDGs (1 May 2017)

Talk: Aromar Revi on the role of cities in solving the world’s sustainable development challenges (10 May 2016)

Webinar: Understanding the Great Barrier Reef extractives controversy (8 April 2016)

Workshop: Making the SDGs real and rewarding to West Australians (2 December 2015)

Talk: People, planet and prosperity: Why the UN Sustainable Development Goals matter for Australia (Part 1) (19 October 2015) (and Part 2)

National workshop on implementing the SDGs in Australia (6-7 May 2015)

Talk: Jeffrey Sachs: Australia in the age of sustainable development (21 May 2014)


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