Universities and the SDGs

Universities have a unique and critical role in helping the world achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their research, teaching, operations and community leadership. This SDSN Australia, New Zealand & Pacific area of work aims to mobilise universities to contribute to the SDGs and highlight the importance of the sector in local, national and international implementation.

Getting started with the SDGs in Universities

Getting started with the SDGs in universities is a guide to help universities, higher education institutions, and the academic sector in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific to accelerate their contributions to SDGs. Read more>

University Commitment to the SDGs

The University Commitment to the SDGs, for signature by the head of the university, showcases university leadership on the SDGs and highlights the important ways the academic sector can contribute to their implementation. Read more>

National university sector input

SDSN Australia, New Zealand & Pacific is working with the university sector to provide input to government consultations and inquiries on the SDGs. Read more>

Other activities

  • Practical approaches to mapping university contributions to the SDGs: This webinar, co-hosted with ACTS, provided practical guidance on how universities can map how existing university activities – such as research expertise, courses and institutional policies – align with and contribute to the SDGs. Read more>
  • Compiled list of SDG keywords: This spreadsheet provides lists of SDG-specific keywords, compiled from several universities in our region, which could be useful for mapping large sets of university-related data – such as research publications or course listings – to the SDGs. Read more>