Australian Senate Inquiry on the SDGs

5 April, 2018  |  Australia  ,  SDG Localisation  ,  Universities & SDGs   

SDSN Australia/Pacific and several SDSN member institutions in Australia have made submissions to the Inquiry on the SDGs and their relevance to Australia.


On 4 December 2017 the Australian Senate References Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade launched in inquiry on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their relevance to Australia both domestically and internationally. The terms of reference covered:

  • Understanding and awareness
  • Potential costs, benefits and opportunities
  • Governance structures and accountability measures
  • Monitoring and communicating performance against the SDGs
  • Links between Australia’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) program and the SDGs
  • Examples of best practice SDG implementation in other countries

The deadline for submissions was 29 March 2018, and the Committee is to report by 29 November 2018.


The following submissions have been made by SDSN Australia/Pacific and SDSN member organisations in Australia. [Additional submissions will be added as they are posted on the Inquiry’s submissions page.]