The Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Network of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) brings together SDSN members in the region to develop and promote solutions, policies and public education for sustainable development.

New guide: Accelerating Education for the SDGs in Universities

22 September, 2020

A new guide from SDSN, developed with the support of SDSN AusNZPac, calls on universities to equip their learners with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to contribute to solving the world's sustainable development challenges. Read More >

Event: Universities driving collaborative solutions for the Decade of Action

19 September, 2020

Join us as part of the International Conference on Sustainable Development to hear from universities all over the world on how they are engaging with and implementing the SDGs. Read More >

Event: Launch of Accelerating Education for the SDGs in Universities

19 September, 2020

SDSN AusNZPac is a key contributor to this new SDSN report, which will be launched on 22 September. Read More >

Event: University leadership for the Decade of Action

14 September, 2020

As part of the 2020 International Conference on Sustainable Development, we are thrilled to host a session with global leaders in university action on sustainable development on how universities can increase their impact on achieving the SDGs. Read More >

Video: Globalisation and economic recovery post COVID-19: Forum with Jeffrey Sachs

31 August, 2020

In a forum jointly hosted by SDSN AusNZPac, Fairtrade Australia New Zealand, and the Global Compact Network Australia, SDSN President Jeffrey Sachs spoke about the key pillars we need to address for economic and broader recovery from COVID-19. Read More >

Plan calls for sustainability goals to drive COVID-19 stimulus

28 August, 2020

SDSN AusNZPac has joined with Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand and the Global Compact Network Australia to outline a plan for regional and global recovery from the COVID-19 crisis aimed at reducing inequalities and building a more resilient economic future. Read More >

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